Minutes of committee meetings for Birlingham Village Hall


             Minutes of the 92nd  Annual General Meeting of Birlingham Village Hall

Held on Thursday 22nd  March 2018 in the Village Hall


Kelvin Hartshorne – Chairman   KH              Valerie Gilmore   VG      

Alan Bradley -  Vice-Chairman   AB              

June Barke – Treasurer             JEB

Ken Fitch – Bookings Officer      KF

Edward Farrar – Secretary         EF

The Chairman welcomed Ruth Keys to the Meeting.

1. Apologies:

Alan Williams – AW, Basil Barke, Jackie Farrar, Gill Hartshorne,


Agenda Item            Minutes     

2. Minutes The Minutes of the 92nd Annual General Meeting held on Thursday 23rd March 2017 were read and accepted as a true and accurate record. Their acceptance was proposed by Valerie Gilmore and seconded by Ken Fitch. The proposal was carried and they were signed by the Chairman.

3. Matters Arising There were no Matters Arising

4. Treasurer’s  Report The Treasurer submitted the Income and Expenditure Accounts and Balance Sheet for the year ending 31 January 2018. The accounts have previously been certified by John Hill. The Treasurer will arrange for them to be certified and will present them at the next Committee Meeting to be held on 24th May 2018.

The Chairman explained that the account shows income for the defibrillator with some expenses shown, the remainder is for future expenditure. Full details of the expenditure are filed, along with a copy of the Accounts and Balance Sheet, with these Minutes.  

The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for her report.

5. Chairman’s  Report The Chairman submitted his report to the Meeting, a copy of which is filed with these Minutes.

6. Election of  Trustees Four Members of the Trustees were due to stand down at this Annual General Meeting, in accordance with the Constitution – Kelvin Hartshorne, June Barke, Edward Farrar and Alan Williams. All confirmed their willingness to stand for re-election. A block vote by the Committee confirmed their re-election.

Ruth Keys has volunteered to join the Village Hall Committee. The Chairman proposed that she be elected, seconded by Valerie Gilmore. The Committee unanimously voted, with great pleasure, that she be accepted.  

7. Any Other Business There was no further business

  The 2018 Annual General Meeting closed at 7.15 p.m.

Birlingham Village Hall Committee


Minutes of Meeting held on Thursday 22nd March 2018 in the Village Hall


Kelvin Hartshorne      Chairman               KH           Valerie Gilmore             VG            

Alan Bradley              Vice-Chairman      AB            Ruth Keys                      RK

June Barke                  Treasurer               JEB        

Ken Fitch                    Bookings Officer   KF       

Edward Farrar             Secretary               EF

Election of Officers

KH, AB, JEB, KF and EF were unanimously elected by the Committee



1. Apologies:  AW

2. Minutes of the last  Meeting The Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday 25th January 2018 are a true and accurate record. AB proposed that they be accepted, seconded by JEB. The Chairman signed the file copy.

3. Matters Arising AW has spoken to Ruth Keys – in hand                                   AW

Defibrillator – KH is still waiting to hear back about the registration forms. The PC has agreed to contribute 50% 0f maintenance funding costs.

Suspected oil leak. There has been a problem with inefficient heating. The engineer has been out three times to check but found no fault with the system, he explained that the problem may be due to an excessive wind-chill factor in recent weeks. It was noted that oil usage during this period has increased significantly

4.  Treasurer’s   Report         The Treasurer presented her Report


Balance at Bank – 22nd March 2018                                   8,389.14                                                                                                                                              

Receipts since 25th January 2018                                        1,918.22       

Expenditure since 25th January 2018                                  2,245.74

Petty Cash Balance                                                                  28.90

True Balance excluding defibrillator costings                    7,209.13

The oil has not been delivered - therefore no invoice

AB asked about Burn’s Night income and expenditure. Income does not include wine sales, expenditure does include wine purchase.

KH suggested that sales of alcohol at events be kept in a separate account. An agenda item is to be included at the next Meeting to form a sub-committee.                                                            EF

The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for her report, a copy of which is filed with the Minutes of this Meeting.

 (i)Housekeeping: JEB reported that the back door is sticking, this is possibly due to recent wet weather.

The VH was left in a dirty condition following the Bulb Teas due to the muddy and wet conditions. The cleaner may need to be paid for any extra time involved in cleaning after such events. We may have to increase the hire charges to cover this.

(ii)Maintenance: The door closure has been removed from the ladies toilet, it was considered to be better therefore the closure will not be replaced.

A new hand drier has been installed in the men’s WC.

(iii) Marketing and Revenue: The April event has been cancelled.

AB and Marion have discussed dates for the next event, the date chosen by the Cttee is 23rd June and will be a “Midsummer Madness Dinner” – tickets will be £15.00 per head. AB to confirm the date with Marion who has chosen the menu and has asked if AW will assist her. AB and Angela Fitch will produce a leaflet for distribution.     AB

(iv) Grants: VG has sent a form to Wychavon Community Grants for work to be carried out in front of the VH. She will sent a further application for outdoor seating.                                                     VG

The PC will support these.

(v) Cuppa and Chat: EF received a letter from Sur Hermon about the Ctte’s decision to add Brenda’s name to the Cuppa and Chat. This was discussed and KH will meet with Sue.                           KH

Cuppa and Chat will cease to be an Agenda item                          EF  


 6. Correspondence JEB has received a mandate from Lloyds Bank concerning access to VH accounts by people other the Treasurer.

JEB received a letter from the National Trust.

JEB and EF have had telephone calls concerning our electricity provision, it was decided that these were bogus calls.

  7. Any Other  Business JEB asked about the VH floor, this to be looked at in the future.

KF has been asked to give information on the defibrillator by the Bystander. No contact has been made by West Midlands Ambulance about the defibrillator – KH to chase.                                          KH

Data protection – the Cttee agreed that details of personal email and telephone numbers be restricted to members except where information about contacts, who have agreed, to be shown on the notice boards.

EF, as Secretary, to be Data Protection Officer.

EF to update members’ information and distribute to Cttee.        EF

  8. Date and Time of  Next Meeting Thursday 24th May at 7.00 p.m..

  9. Future Dates 26th July, 27th September, 22nd November 2018, 24th January 2019

 The Meeting closed at 8.23 and the 100 Club balls were drawn