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Main Hall

Minimum booking is one hour and in 15 minutes segments thereafter

Included in the prices shown in the table below are


Use of the kitchen, the crockery, kettles, and utensils for the provision of light refreshments   (tea, coffee,cakes etc)  that do not require the use of the large appliances (eg cooker, dishwasher etc).

All available chairs and tables.

Hearing loop

Additional services

Customers may wish to enhance their booking by making use of one or more of the additional services BVH can offer

The additional services are

  1. The use of the kitchen to include all the appliances
  2. A data projector with a HDMI input (a laptop can be included)
  3. A light and sound system

Table of charges

Main Hall

Main Hall PLUS

one add on

two add ons

three add ons

Hourly rate





Prime user*

 hourly rate





Day rate

08.00 to 23.45 hrs





Prime user*

Day rate

08.00 to 23.45 hrs





Day hires will also require a £50 security deposit.

This will be returned within 7 days of the event.

More details can be found within the terms and conditions page.

* Prime user incentive rate

To qualify as a prime user the customer MUST

Make payments using on line banking

Make all bookings using the online system

Make a minimum of 10 bookings in a twelve month period